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Breast Reduction Surgery Tallahassee

Much attention and focus is given to women undergoing breast augmentation to increase their bust sizes leaving many to wonder why women would ever consider having a breast reduction. Often people do not realize the burden and stresses having large breasts can place on the neck and back. Large breasts can make it very difficult and uncomfortable to do even some basic exercises. Shopping is often an issue for those with larger breasts, particularly when the rest of their body is disproportionately smaller and any clothes that do fit may cause them to look much heavier than they actually are. In addition, women with larger breasts may deal with emotional issues due to the large breasts. Whatever the case, our plastic surgeons have helped countless women eliminate these physical and emotional strains caused by large breasts through Breast Reduction Surgery.

A Breast Reduction Surgery is a procedure in which excess glandular tissue, fatty tissue and skin is removed. The areola is sometimes also repositioned or altered in shape or size to match the newer, smaller breasts best in order to create the most natural appearance possible. The resulting breasts will be smaller, firmer, and lighter. As in Breast Augmentations what size you want to achieve is a decision that needs to be mutually agreed upon between you and your plastic surgeon who can better advise you as to what is achievable for you. If you are interested in breast reduction surgery, contact our office to schedule your confidential consultation.

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