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“Dr Rosenberg is incredible!”

Ben Kirbo is the real deal. He is with you every step of your journey. His focus is not solely “BEAUTY”- he truly wants to make you “whole” again. He is a hero in my book.

“Ben Kirbo is the real deal”

I’ve used Dr Kirbo, Dr Rosenberg & Kristen Snyder Costa PA for their services. I’ve always been very pleased with them. Their staff is excellent. I’ve also personally worked with Dr Kirbo in surgery when I worked at TMH SURGERY CENTER. His technique is excellent. He takes his time and he is an excellent surgeon. I’ve used Dr Rosenberg for skin care. I’ve used Kristen Snyder Costa for her services. I can’t say enough positive things about them. My experiences have always been A+. I’m 59 and I’ve taken care of my face and skin with them. I’m a grandmother of 13 and I have 2 great grandchildren. I refuse to let myself go. Call them today. Treat yourself.

“My experiences have always been A+”

I had the privilege of growing up with Dr. Kirbo and his entire family. I have since referred friends to him and as expected, my friends were extremely happy with their end result!

They stated they could not say enough nice things about the way they were treated as well as their surgical outcome. I highly recommend Dr. Kirbo!

“I highly recommend Dr. Kirbo!”

Dr Rosenberg is the best has helped me through several scary things and I love his sense of humor makes for a tense time easier to get through.

“Dr Rosenberg is the best”

This is absolutely the best medical office I have EVER encountered! We were referred to Dr. DeRosier for an injury to my son’s hand. He treated my son like his own, spoke to him in words he could understand (he’s only 5), gained his trust (which is hard to do with my son), and explained everything thoroughly to us so we knew what to expect during the healing process. We were able to avoid surgery thanks to the close watch he kept on him, but he was prepared to do surgery at any point during the process if it became necessary. The staff at this office are the nicest I have ever met and we never waited more than a couple mins to be put in a room and never more than 10 mins to see the Dr. I would highly recommend them if you need their services! We had a wonderful experience with them during a very scary time for us as parents! Thank you Dr. DeRosier and staff!!

“I would highly recommend them if you need their services!”

Everyone treated us with the most respect .They took great care of me .Dr. Kirbo and his staff are the best . Thank you all !

“Dr. Kirbo and his staff are the best”

Great group of doctors and nurses works with you and your needs.
Thanks for the great care

“Great group of doctors and nurses works with you and your needs.”

Of all the physicians I have seen in my… ehem, 63 years long life, Dr DeRosier at Southeastern Plastic Surgery is one of the most professional doctors I have ever experienced. I like how he keeps the patient in the loop and you feel like you’re the most important patient on the planet. The theme of excellence comes through on the entire experience. The staff is courteous and efficient; the office space is always clean and attractive, conducive to making one feel comfortable in making a visit. Even the music playing over the speakers is great! It offers something for almost everyone. I am unfamiliar with not dreading keeping a doctor’s appointment. That SPS has changed permanently for me.

“The theme of excellence comes through on the entire experience”

Five star everything and great tea room. Dr. Rosenberg is a master at his craft and a funny guy too. I wish I had enough money for a full body makeover just for the enjoyable experience of the company of their incredible staff. Kudos….

“Five star everything”

“I love them. They are amazing,” says Melissa Warmack. Melissa, a personal trainer and mother of four children, utilized the talent and expertise of Dr. Ben J. Kirbo and Dr. Chris DeRosier, board-certified plastic surgeons at Southeastern Plastic Surgery for repair of her umbilical hernia.

“I felt so comfortable. The staff is so professional, and they care about their patients. I constantly recommend their services. You can sense how much they care,” she added.

Melissa had met Dr. Kirbo many years ago and knew if she ever needed help, she’d call on him. After having four children, and undergoing three C-sections, Melissa had developed a huge bulge in the abdomen behind the belly button. Experiencing pain and discomfort, she talked to Dr. Kirbo about treatment options.

The repair and recovery took four hours and was completed in the Southeastern Plastic Surgery suite. She said the first few days following surgery were rough but after that, she said she slowly began to feel better.

“I’m so glad I did it, and feel so much better. I was back teaching cardio kickboxing and working as a personal trainer in six weeks.”

– Melissa W

“He hung the moon…he gave me my life back,” is how Denise Laing describes her care and experience with Dr. Chris DeRosier, a board-certified plastic surgeon at Southeastern Plastic Surgery.

She adds that “he always made me feel like I was his only concern, whether we talked for 10 minutes or an hour. His bed side manner was phenomenal. It was like he was taking care of his sister or his wife.”

Denise is no stranger to health care. She is a nurse practitioner and has spent many years caring for others. But her own need for medical attention started years ago when she was just 21 years old. She was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a primary bone cancer that impacts children and adolescents. While it is a rare bone cancer, it is a very serious cancer affecting only 1 percent of childhood cancers.

Denise was treated aggressively with chemo and radiation therapies, and she was fortunate to survive. She ended up losing her sixth rib and part of her seventh rib but still survived. Ten years ago, she began to have trouble with her left side particularly in the chest wall area. A CT scan showed a large mass. While the mass was not cancerous, there was lots of bone deterioration.

She had developed radiation necrosis that had resulted from her earlier radiotherapy in treatment of the Ewing’s sarcoma. It was this complication that eventually led her to Dr. DeRosier.

“I learned the only way to fully eleviate the constant pain was to undergo a complex operation to rebuild the chest cavity,” she said. Denise finally had hit the wall and decided she could no longer tolerate the pain. As a medical professional, she researched his background and credentials before going forward, she said. Confident in her research, she moved forward.

Her surgery required the expertise of several specialists including Dr. DeRosier and left her in the hospital for four weeks including five days in the ICU. She was out of work for many months but eventually she fully recovered.

Today, she reflects on Dr. DeRosier and others at Southeastern Plastic Surgery and says “it is like I’ve known them all my life.” I like that he doesn’t sugar coat anything. She has referred several friends and co-workers to Southeastern Plastic Surgery as a result of her outstanding care.

– Denise L.

BaShaun H., who is described as gorgeous inside as she is out, was working hard to return to her normal size following the birth of her twins. She was an avid runner but was still struggling.

BaShaun researched plastic surgery options in Tallahassee and looked at testimonials before making her choice. She decided to take advantage of the Mommy Makeover at Southeastern Plastic Surgery (SPS) and selected Dr. Ben Kirbo, a board-certified plastic surgeon. She was scheduled to undergo a tummy tuck, mastopexy (breast lift), liposuction as well as a small hernia repair.

“What I really liked,” says BaShaun, “is that they worked with me. I had some issues on how I was healing, and he wanted me to feel good about it and worked with me until I was completely satisfied. In the end, everything was perfect.”

She said everyone at SPS is high class and she was very impressed with the staff. “I like that they check on me randomly to see how I’m doing. The staff is very hands on.

“Dr. Kirbo’s bed-side manner is great. He takes time with me and lets me ask questions as long as I want. I’m sure that problems may occur, but it is how they deal with them that makes me so in love with everyone there.

“I recommend them all the time. I’m in a network of mothers of twins, and I always them about Southeastern Plastic Surgery.”

-BaShaun H.

“I can’t say enough good things about him,” says Martha B., the former and now retired high school principal. She is referencing her surgeries with Dr. Laurence Rosenberg, a board-certified plastic surgeon at Southeastern Plastic Surgery in Tallahassee.

“He has a wonderful personality and great warmth,” she added. “You can tell he is just focusing on you.”
Martha’s primary care physician kept encouraging her to lose weight and as she approached retirement, she decided it was time to get serious about weight loss. She was a yo-yo dieter. She had repeatedly dieted, lost weight and then put the weight back on, and Martha finally decided to make the life style changes to lose the weight once and for all.

Her new life style that included a good eating plan and plenty of exercise eventually led to the dramatic loss of 90 pounds. But with the loss, she now had a great deal of excess skin. Her daughter, a physician in Atlanta, recommended she see Dr. Rosenberg, who she had known from his plastic surgery work at the University of Alabama.
Martha says she liked him immediately. “He is so professional, skilled and knowledgeable that we established a good rapport right away. The results were fantastic.” Martha ultimately had three surgeries to remove the excess skin on her arms, tummy and thigh area.

“The whole atmosphere at Southeastern Plastic Surgery is kind and loving. The staff shows an interest in you and makes you feel like you are part of the family.”

-Martha B.

“It was the best decision I ever made…Dr. Rosenberg was very positive, and he supported me throughout,” says Tabitha S. about her experience with Dr. Rosenberg, a board-certified plastic surgeon at Southeastern Plastic Surgery in Tallahassee.

The 5 foot 1 inch, 32-year-old, had lost nearly 100 pounds using diet and exercise over a four-year journey. Proud of what she had accomplished, but struggling with all the excess skin left behind by the dramatic weight loss, she started a search for the perfect plastic surgeon.

“I had met with another practice in town but just didn’t have that connection,” she said. “With Dr. Rosenberg, it was immediate. I knew he was right. I feel I was meant to meet him because he made me feel so comfortable.”
“He has the best bed-side manner and made me feel at ease. He was obviously passionate about his work and excited for me,” she added.

Tabitha says she’s a researcher by nature. She had done her homework on Dr. Rosenberg by reviewing his credentials on Healthgrades and other sites, and she also searched for additional information on what to expect with a tummy tuck.

Tabitha underwent an extended tummy tuck to remove excess skin from the tummy, back and hips in the Surgery Center at Southeastern Plastic Surgery. She was prepared for the difficult recovery and though she is happy she doesn’t have to do it again, definitely would for the same result.

Following surgery, she didn’t hesitate to call Dr. Rosenberg and the practice with questions. She said they always made her feel cared about. “I needed them to hold my hand, and they were there for me.”

She said within two to three weeks she was feeling pretty good. “I agonized for a long time beforehand over doing this and whether it was the right decision. Now I am so happy I did …it has positively affected so much in my life and was so worth it.”

-Tabitha S.

Visiting and selecting Southeastern Plastic Surgery to do my facelift was truly an “uplifting” experience. The experience was everything I hoped it would be from my beginning assessment appointment to the final check-up. I went in wanting the “tired” look that had worn on my face removed and the final result far exceeded my expectations. I had been thinking about having a facelift for approximately two years and when I finally decided to move forward, I spoke with friends who had procedures done also. Dr. Kirbo came highly recommended. The initial meeting with Dr. Kirbo was very reassuring. I went in nervous and excited. Dr. Kirbo carefully assessed what I wanted and was very thorough in explaining the process to me and what my expectations should be. I liked him right away and had a good feeling about proceeding further. Not only did he address my needs and fears, but walked my husband through what his role would be as my caregiver during this time. The staff at Southeastern Plastic Surgery was very welcoming and friendly as well. While waiting in pre-op, they cheerfully reassured me and helped me understand every stage of the process. I felt I was in very good hands. As Dr. Kirbo had told me, it takes six months to a year to see the full effects of the surgery. I was able to return to work three weeks after surgery and by the six months date, I didn’t see that tired reflection staring back at me anymore! It was me in the mirror, refreshed and vibrant with a youthfulness that felt 15 years younger.

-Claudia D.


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