Looking at the Trends in Plastic Surgery in 2015

TALLAHASSEE, Florida, April, 2015 — Predicting the future is never easy but Southeastern Plastic Surgery, P.A., an award winning and leading plastic surgery medical practice in Tallahassee, FL, has some early indicators of what to anticipate in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for the coming year.

Last year we experienced increases in breast surgeries, both from an enhancement perspective and from women who were following Angelina Jolie’s lead and were seeking proactive double prophylactic mastectomies, according to Dr. Ben J. Kirbo, a board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of Southeastern Plastic Surgery, P.A..

“With an improving economy, an aging population and consumer confidence in cosmetic and reconstructive options, there is new interest in individuals seeking plastic surgery treatments,” said Dr. Kirbo.

Social media and the growing selfie trend has made everyone more aware of their image on Facebook and other social networks. With this trend is a growing consumer interested in making certain that their captured likeness is the best possible.
Interest in eyelid rejuvenation, chin enhancement, rhinoplasty (nose surgery) and neck contouring are likely to grow in 2015.
Baby boomers now in their 60s and 70s are seeking a younger look to match their active lifestyles. Many want to look like they feel, and Kirbo added that they are seeing a new shift where some of the boomers are now looking for procedures to reduce the signs of aging.

“Our licensed aestheticians in the Spa saw increases last year in the number of people interested in skin care treatments, and we anticipate this will grow in 2015 as well,” he said. Many individuals want medical grade skin care products and are asking about laser hair removal, chemical peels and some of the new injectables. We also find more and more people are seeking a customized home care program.

Dr. Kirbo advises that anyone considering plastic or reconstructive surgery should call and schedule a consultation so that all options can be discussed.

To learn more about procedures available at Southeastern Plastic Surgery, visit them online at se-plasticsurgery.com or find them on Facebook. Southeastern Plastic Surgery, P.A. is located at 2030 Fleischmann Road in Tallahassee, FL and Dr. Kirbo can be reached at 850-219-2000.

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