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As we age, our skin tone decreases. People who were never heavy develop loose skin on their arms. It hangs down and frequently makes wearing short-sleeved shirts difficult or uncomfortable. The plastic surgeons at Southeastern Plastic Surgery, P.A. perform arm lift surgery in Tallahassee to help people from Destin, FL; Dothan, AL; Valdosta and Thomasville, GA; and surrounding areas improve the appearance of their upper arms.

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Why Choose Arm Lift Surgery?

We are naturally predisposed to where we will gain and hang on to weight. For some of us, it’s our abdomen, love handles, backside, or thighs, and for others, it’s the arms. Unfortunately, it’s not always limited to just one area either! Some of us, no matter how many curls we accomplish at the gym, we will not be able to lose the amount of weight desired or to get the definition we would like. That said, people who have lost a significant amount of weight, either through diet and exercise or surgery, are often left with sagging, excess skin around their arms. Arm lift surgery is typically the most effective solution.

What Happens During Arm Lift Surgery?

Technically called brachioplasty, arm lift surgery is performed through an incision that runs along the inside of the upper arm from elbow to armpit.  For some patients, the scar is able to be placed entirely in the armpit.  It is important to know that this surgery will leave behind a scar that will fade over time but never go away completely. Brachioplasty can create smoother, tighter, more toned looking arms. In some cases, the procedure may be performed in combination with other body contouring procedures.

Who Is a Candidate for Arm Lift Surgery?

To be considered an ideal candidate for this procedure, it’s preferred that you fulfill these criteria:

  • Do not smoke
  • Have the desire to improve the size and contour of your arms.

Realize that you aren’t likely to come out of the procedure with Jessica Biel’s biceps! What you can expect to get out of it, however, is an improved, tighter version of your own arms.

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Our skilled physicans understand the profound difference even a small change on the outside can make on the inside. They are dedicated to providing high-quality care in a supportive, compassionate setting.

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What Is Arm Lift Surgery Recovery Like?

Arm lift surgery, also called a brachioplasty, removes the excess skin of the upper arm. Surgery can last two hours with mild to moderate discomfort. Patients may experience some swelling and most return to work in seven days.

Please call Southeastern Plastic Surgery, P.A., located in Tallahassee, FL at (850) 219-2000 or contact our cosmetic coordinator today for a private consultation with one of our board-certified physicians, Dr. Ben Kirbo, Dr. Laurence Rosenberg and Dr. Chris DeRosier.

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