Hair Restoration

Hair restoration at our Tallahassee, FL practice is an advanced surgical technique that transfers hair from the permanent hair-bearing scalp to areas that are bald or severely thinning, resulting in a natural-looking, long-lasting solution to hair loss.

We pride ourselves on offering both micro-follicular hair transplantation and follicular unit extraction. Utilizing both techniques gives our board-certified plastic surgeons the flexibility to perform any size hair restoration or eyebrow restoration.

How Does Each Technique Work?

Micro-follicular Hair Transplantation

Micro-hair transplantation is also called a standard strip procedure. It involves up to 3,500 grafts, allowing more than 5,000 hairs to be transplanted per session.

Follicular Unit Extraction

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a hair transplant technique in which individual follicular units are extracted from a patient’s balding-resistant donor areas. These small hair follicular unit grafts are then transplanted into a patient’s balding or thinning areas.

What Happens During a Hair Transplant?

You’ll be placed under local anesthesia with light sedation. You can relax, watch a movie, or sleep during the treatment. There is minimal downtime and often no time away from work is required. Most patients only need 1 or 2 sessions, depending on the extent of their hair loss.

Some patients choose to complement their results with treatments at The SPA, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic or dermal fillers such as JUVÉDERM.

Our Doctors

Meet Our Physicians

Our skilled physicans understand the profound difference even a small change on the outside can make on the inside. They are dedicated to providing high-quality care in a supportive, compassionate setting.

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If you would like to learn more about hair restoration procedures here in Tallahassee, FL, please request a consultation online or call (850) 219-2000. Our surgeons perform hair restoration on patients from areas including Tallahassee, FL, Destin, and Lake City, FL; Dothan, AL; and Valdosta, GA.

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