Tummy Tuck

Many people, men and women alike, are dissatisfied with the appearance of their abdomen and flanks. Tummy Tucks are especially popular among women who’ve given birth and haven’t been able to recuperate their pre-baby midsection and among men and women who’ve undergone a dramatic weight loss and are left with excess hanging skin.

Abdominoplasty, or a “tummy tuck,” is a surgical procedure to correct a protruding abdomen resulting from weak abdominal muscles, weight gain or pregnancy which can cause excess skin, fat and stretched abdominal muscles. While we all aim for a well-toned and flat abdomen, sometimes even with exercise and weight control, we don’t achieve our goal.

Who Is a Candidate for Tummy Tuck?

Typical causes contributing to a protruding and/or loose or sagging abdomen include: pregnancy, dramatic weight loss or fluctuations in weight, aging, and heredity

Ideal tummy tuck candidates are healthy, maintain a consistent weight, do not smoke and are concerned about the appearance of their abdomen.

Dr. Kirbo, Dr. Rosenberg and DeRosier have helped countless men and women achieve the midsection of their dreams through abdominoplasty, creating more slender, firm and contoured waistlines. In some cases, liposuction or other additional procedures may be required to achieve the results desired, which your surgeon will discuss with you at length during your one-on-one consultation session.

What Happens During a Tummy Tuck?

The tummy tuck is performed through an incision that runs across the lower abdomen from hip to hip. It is important to know that this incision will leave behind a scar–this scar will fade over time but never go away completely. The tummy tuck removes excess, sagging skin and tightens stretched out abdominal muscles–a common issue for women who have had multiple pregnancies.

With an abdominoplasty, the abdominal wall muscles are tightened, and excess fatty tissue and skin are removed to improve the body contour. The goal is a narrower, flatter abdomen. A tummy tuck can be done in combination with liposuction to further define areas such as hips and lower back. The surgery typically takes two to three hours under general anesthesia.

We use ultrasound-guided anesthesia blocks to help improve patient comfort after surgery. This helps improve recovery and reduce pain after surgery.

What Is Tummy Tuck Recovery Like?

Discomfort is associated with a tummy tuck. Drains are usually placed and left in place for at least one week. Dressings or bandages are applied to your incisions, and you may dressed in a compression garment to help to reduce swelling. Recovery time is one to two weeks, and patients need to refrain from strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for one month.

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