Lower Facial Surgery

Lower face rejuvenation can encompass a variety of procedures including chin implants, liposuction of the neck, direct neck lifts and lower facelifts.  These procedures provide renewed youth and add symmetry to the face and neck with minimal downtime.

How Is Lower Facial Surgery Performed?

These surgeries are performed under sedation or a general anesthesia and typically take one to two hours. Incisions are placed in the natural creases of the face camouflaging the signs of surgery.

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Our skilled physicans understand the profound difference even a small change on the outside can make on the inside. They are dedicated to providing high-quality care in a supportive, compassionate setting.

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How Long Is Recovery?

While bruising and swelling may last for 7 to 10 days, most patients are able to return to work in 5 to 7 days.

For more information or set up a private consultation with our board-certified physicians, please contact our cosmetic patient coordinator today by clicking here or calling (850) 219-2000.

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