A Guide To Maintaining Your Liposuction Results After Surgery

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If you are considering liposuction or recently had the procedure, you may be worried about maintaining your newly contoured physique. After all, you’re going through a lot of effort to rid yourself of stubborn fat, and you want to enjoy your results for as long as possible.

Although liposuction is not a weight loss procedure, it is highly effective at eliminating stubborn fat where it is most likely to gather, including the lower belly, upper arms, under the chin, and around the hips. We’ve performed many liposuction procedures at Southeastern Plastic Surgery and answered countless questions about its results and how to maintain them.

Here are some common questions you may have regarding your liposuction results.

Will Fat Come Back After Liposuction?

You will be glad to know that once the fat cells are removed during the procedure, they are gone forever! However, this is not a license to stop exercising and ditching healthy eating. Your remaining fat cells can grow larger if you don’t take care of your body and consume more calories than you expend.

Many people believe that post-liposuction weight gain will be more evenly distributed throughout your body rather than gathering in those treated stubborn areas. That’s because fat cells were removed from those trouble spots. Others believe that your body is predisposed to gain weight in certain areas (due to hormones, genetics, and so on), so even though some fat cells may have been removed in those areas, you can still gain disproportional weight there.

Ultimately, the best solution is to work hard to maintain your post-liposuction weight, protecting your results and your contoured body for the long term.

What Can You Do During Liposuction Recovery to Protect Your Results?

Wear your compression garment faithfully according to your plastic surgeon’s instructions. Compression minimizes swelling and helps skin contour to your new shape.

You will need a few days for rest and recovery, but you should be able to return to work after that. Wait at least 2 to 4 weeks before returning to your exercise routine to ensure your body has had enough time to heal. It’s important to note that following a healthy diet, hydrating your body, and avoiding smoking can boost healing.

How Soon Can I See Results?

You may not see results until about 1 to 3 months after the procedure. Don’t be discouraged if the treated areas look swollen or bloated, as this could be due to inflammation and fluid retention after the procedure. The best thing you can do is get plenty of rest so your body can recover from the procedure.

Will I Have Scarring After Liposuction?

You will only have minimal scarring after liposuction since the incisions are relatively small. Some liposuction incisions are so small that they don’t require stitches.

You can minimize the appearance of your scars by carefully following your plastic surgeon’s post-care recommendations. Once your incision is healed, you might consider massaging the area or using scar creams or silicone scar tape to help the scar flatten and fade. (Be sure to check with your plastic surgeon first, though.) You should also keep your skin hydrated with a good-quality moisturizer that contains sunscreen.

More Liposuction Questions?

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Liposuction can dramatically change the shape of your body and help you achieve the contours you have always dreamed about. You can take several steps to maintain your liposuction results and enjoy your new, slimmer silhouette for years to come.

Take a look at some of our patients’ amazing liposuction results in our before and after gallery. To find out how liposuction can sculpt your body, request a consultation online or call us at  (850) 219-2000 to schedule an appointment.

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