Welcome to the Age of Options More Breast Augmentation Choices

Are you looking for a subtle change in the size of your breasts or do you want a dramatically different look? Do you want a very full breast that changes your silhouette? Or do you prefer just a little enhancement? Do you know your options regarding implant material, surface texture and “projection” and how those factors can change the result?

“When it comes to breast augmentation or breast reconstruction, information is power because knowing all your options will help you make the very best decisions,” said Laurence Rosenberg, MD. “The quality of the breast implant that goes into your body is as important as the skill of the surgeon who puts it there.”

Ben. J. Kirbo, MD, says that safety is a critical factor with any surgery and implants have always received attention in the media. Southeastern Plastic Surgery, P.A. (SPS) offers patients the FDA-approved MemoryGel™ breast implants, which are among the best implants available. These specific implants have been successfully used and trusted for 20 years by millions of women all over the world. After almost two decades of research and testing with surgeons and patients, MemoryGel™ breast implants are now available to women in the U.S. Theses implants feel more like natural breast tissue – without compromising reliability or the safety of patients.

Southeastern Plastic Surgery, P.A. recognizes that many individuals are seeking customized breast enhancement. The wide variety of Memory Gel™ breast implants allows SPS achieve the best match between the ideal you have been envisioning and your individual body frame. For more information about Memory Gel™ breast implants and their safety features, visit http://loveyourlook.com/Breast-Implants/memorygel.aspx

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