Your Complete Guide to Breast Augmentation

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Thinking about bringing the new you to life with breast augmentation in Tallahassee, Florida? This new chapter of building your confidence is an exciting one, and knowing as much as possible about what to expect can help keep any butterflies at bay so you can enjoy each step of the journey.

In this blog post, we’ll share everything you need to know about breast implant surgery, from whether it’s right for you to how long your results will last and more.

Should I Get a Breast Augmentation?

Deciding to get a breast augmentation is a personal choice and one worth thinking seriously about. You might be a candidate for breast augmentation if:

  • You have asymmetrical breasts
  • You have less natural breast tissue than you would like
  • Your breasts have lost volume due to weight loss or breastfeeding

Candidacy isn’t all about physical appearance, however. It’s also important that you:

  • Are in good enough general health to safely undergo surgery
  • Have realistic expectations for your results
  • Are choosing the surgery to improve your own self-image, not to please anyone else

3 Ways to Customize Your Breast Augmentation

You’ve decided breast augmentation is the right choice for you. Now, it’s time to design your dream body. There are a few different ways you can customize your results.


Choose to have your incisions placed either:

  • Along the crease below your breast (inframammary)
  • Around the areola (periareolar)
  • Hidden in the underarm (transaxillary)

Each option offers its own benefits, and the right choice for you may depend on the type of implant you select.


You can personalize each of these options:

  • Size: Select a size that compliments your natural shape.
  • Profile: Adjust how far your breast projects from your chest.
  • Material: Choose between saline and silicone implants.


Opt to have your implants placed either:

  • Under the pectoralis muscle (submuscular)
  • Above the pectoralis muscle and behind the breast tissue (subglandular)

While it’s an excellent idea to research your options before your consultation, you don’t have to make your final selections on your own. You will have plenty of time to discuss your options with your board-certified plastic surgeon and learn more about their recommendations during the consultation process.

Silicone vs. Saline: Which Breast Implant Is Better?

The right implant choice is different for everyone and depends on your goals, budget, and age:

  • Silicone implants are made of a silicone casing filled with silicone gel. FDA approved for people over 22, these offer a more natural look and feel than saline, but they tend to cost a bit more. (Learn more about factors that may affect the cost of your breast augmentation in this blog post.)
  • Saline implants, which are FDA approved for people 18 and over, consist of a silicone casing filled with sterile saltwater. They are harmless if ruptured, as the body harmlessly absorbs the leaked saline.

At Southeastern Plastic Surgery, we use only Mentor® silicone and saline implants, which are manufactured in the U.S. and have been extensively studied in terms of safety.

How To Prepare for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Here are a few steps you can take to prepare before the big day:

  • Choose an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon: Read reviews, browse before-and-after photos, and schedule as many consultations as you need to find the right fit for you.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Eat plenty of healthy foods and stay active to make recovering as quick and easy as possible.
  • Prep your space: Set up a “recovery nest” with all your essential items, including prescriptions, ready-made snacks, and entertainment.
  • Ask for support: Ask a trusted loved one to drive you home from surgery and stay with you the first night.

What To Expect the Day of Your Breast Augmentation

On the morning of your best augmentation, you’ll need to avoid eating or drinking anything other than clear liquids (beginning at midnight the night before). Once you’re checked in at our facility, you’ll be placed under general anesthesia for your procedure, which typically takes an hour or two.

When you wake up in the recovery suite, your surgical team will monitor you closely and make sure you have all the aftercare info you need before heading home. Your trusted loved one will drive you home and keep an eye on you the first night to make sure you’re safe and taken care of.

What Is It Like To Recover From Breast Augmentation?

The first few days following your breast augmentation, it’s normal to feel some tightness and soreness in your breasts. Most women find they can easily manage any discomfort with prescribed or over-the-counter pain medication. Most people are back to their usual activities after about a week of recuperation.

Breast Implant “Dropping” or “Settling”

You may notice your breasts look incredibly high on your chest or feel especially firm after your surgery. These issues are normal and temporary. During the next couple of months, your implants will soften and “drop” into a more natural-looking position.

When Can I Exercise After Breast Augmentation?

With your surgeon’s go-ahead, you can resume light walks during the first week of your recovery. It takes most people 3 to 4 weeks to resume most of their normal workout routine, though it may take a bit longer for intense upper arm workouts.

How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

While some myths floating around claim that breast implants need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years, this is not necessarily the case. There is no set timeline for how long breast implants will last. However, they are not lifetime devices, meaning you will likely need to replace or “exchange” your implants for newer models at some point in your life.

Women often see breast revision surgery as an opportunity to update their look to reflect their current body shape and lifestyle. It’s one way you can be sure your breast implants give you a look you love as much as possible for as long as possible.

Begin Your Journey

Women considering breast augmentation travel from Destin, Valdosta, Dothan, and more to make their dream bodies real with the help of our board-certified plastic surgeons in Tallahassee. Ready to learn more about your own breast augmentation options? Please request a consultation online or call (850) 219-2000 to set up a private appointment with one of our plastic surgeons. We look forward to hearing from you!

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