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Facelift Tallahassee

A facelift can restore a more youthful appearance and is used to impact sagging in the midface, loss of muscle tone that results in jowls, loose skin or fatty deposits under the chin and jaw or deep creases below eyelids or near the nose or mouth.

A good candidate for a facelift is a healthy individual who doesn’t have any medical conditions that might impair healing and is a non-smoker.

A rhytidectomy or facelift restores a more youthful appearance to the neck and jowl region by removing major wrinkles and sagging skin. A facelift can improve a tired facial appearance by smoothing the skin and reestablishing defined contours along the neck and jawline. It is often done in combination with other procedures including a brow lift, eyelid surgery and neck lift to create an overall harmonious, youthful result.

A brow lift helps to restore an aging or drooping eyebrow to a more youthful position, giving the area above your eyes a softer and more refreshed look.

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a procedure that is used to correct drooping upper eyelids and eliminate puffiness of the lower eyelids. The technique brightens the eyes leaving a younger and more rested appearance.

A neck lift, or sometimes called a cerviocoplasty, is surgery to enhance the appearance of the neck. Aging of the neck results in a combination of loose skin and muscle and excess fat. The surgical procedure may include tightening of neck muscles and removal of excess fat.

The surgery is done under general anesthesia and typically takes four to six hours. Incisions are made in the natural crease in front of the ear, around the earlobe and behind the ear. It involves elevation of the skin, tightening of the facial and neck muscles and redraping and removal of any excess skin.

Postoperatively patients may have a drain in overnight as well as head and neck wrappings. After these are removed, patients are often required to wear a removable chin strap for several weeks. Sutures are usually removed in seven to 14 days after the surgery, but it is usually two to three weeks before most patients feel socially presentable.

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