4 Ways to Enhance Your Facelift Surgery Results

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You already know that a facelift tightens sagging skin and gives you a more youthful-looking, defined jawline. However, face lift surgery mainly improves your mid and lower face; it doesn’t address signs of aging in other areas. Luckily, you can combine several facial surgery procedures with a facelift for comprehensive rejuvenation. Let’s take a few of the most effective options.

1. Brow Lift Surgery Revitalizes Your Look

Drooping eyebrows, slackening brow muscles, and creases on your forehead can age you prematurely and even impact your facelift results by making the upper third of your face look tired. A brow lift restores the position of your brow to create a more lively, alert look and a smoother forehead. Combining a brow lift with your facelift makes your whole face look firmer, more refreshed, and more youthful.

2. Eyelid Lift Surgery Perks Up Your Eyes

The delicate skin around our eyes is often the first to show signs of aging, from droopy upper eyelids to bulging bags under the eyes. These issues can make you look older than your age—lax upper eyelids can even obstruct your line of vision. Upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) removes the excess skin on your eyelid, and lower blepharoplasty improves puffy bags, dark circles, and sunken under-eyes so you look more lively and bright.

Don’t forget your eye area when seeking a fresh, youthful-looking face; eyelid surgery is an excellent procedure to combine with a facelift. Read this related blog for more on what to expect when combining eyelid surgery with a facelift.

3. Neck Lift Surgery Sculpts Your Neck

Although a facelift improves jowling and defines your jawline, a neck lift contours the entire neck. Saggy, excess skin on your neck, also called a “turkey neck,” can give your whole face a bottom-heavy, drooping look. A neck lift tightens the neck muscles that cause prominent vertical neck bands, and it removes the excess skin and fat responsible for a wrinkled, flabby-looking neck. Neck lift surgery is frequently combined with a facelift because it effectively complements the results.

4. Facial Implants Balance Your Features

A weak or recessed chin can make your face look imbalanced, interrupting the flow and proportion of the rest of your facial features. Similarly, flat or sunken cheekbones give the face a dulled, less structured look, even if your other features are beautifully balanced. Facial implants add shape and volume to your chin or cheekbones, enhancing the appearance of your features, elevating your facelift results, and improving facial harmony.

When choosing a facial implant procedure, an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon can give you the best results. They will ensure the implant fits your facial structure without looking artificial or too jarring.

Can You Combine a Facelift With Any Other Procedures?

Yes! Several other surgical and nonsurgical procedures can boost your facelift results, whether to improve other facial features or boost your skin’s texture and tone. Some of these procedures include:

Learn What May Work for You

Our patients love their new looks after a facelift and complementary procedures; you can see why in their before and after photos. If you’re ready to find out what procedures can revitalize your look, request a consultation or call us at (850) 219-2000 to schedule an appointment at our Tallahassee, FL, practice. 

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